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Our Podcasting Process


My name is John Spelman and I am the Host of the Glazier Nation Podcast.  We have Two Golden Rules for our Show...

1) Let the Guest Talk about what they Want to Talk About.

2) The Audience is Number 1 and They Deserve Our Best Presentation.

We are always looking for Guest with a good glass & glazing story to tell.  Down below is a Podcast Guest Release Form that exist for people requesting to be on the Podcast, or that have been invited to be on the Podcast. Please fill out the form if you are interested in sitting down for a Chat with the Glazier Nation Podcast. 

We have a large backlog of Guest to Interview so we apologize in advance for not getting to record every story. However, feel free to post your story direct to our Glazier Nation Facebook Group with 28,000 Glass & Glazing Members. 

Thanks for Visiting GlazierNationPodcast.Com,

-John Spelman


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